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Exhibition in Barcelona


My work is exhibited in Hexagon Gallery, Barcelona, from the 5th of April and for 5 weeks. This is a joint exhibition with the fellow Greek photographer, former student of mine and friend Dimitris Kechris.


Solo Exhibition in Athens

The opening of my exhibition “Tears and Parades” at Blackbox PhotoGallery, in Athens, will take place on Thursday, 22nd of December, at 8p.m.


Exhibition at Photobiennale 2014, Thessaloniki

My series “No Such Thing as a Real Orient” is presented until September in Moni Lazariston (State Museum of Contemporary Art) in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is part of the main program of Photobiennale 2014, organized by the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki.  The topic of this year’s  Biennale is “Logos”.


Solo Exhibition in Ljubljana

My project ‘Tears and Parades”, focusing on the aftermath of the economic crisis in Greece, will be presented  in a solo exhibition during the Month of Photography 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Series of Lectures on ‘Politics and Art” in Athens, Greece

Here is the program of a series of lectures I am giving in the Student Union of the University of Athens (15 Ippokratous Street, 10679 Athens, Greece). All lectures start at 18:00 and will be given in Greek. In some of them the lecture will be preceded by the projection of a movie, which will provide the background for my talking. The general topic is “Politics and Art”.


19/12/2013:  ‘Authenticity’ as  judging criterion for modern and contemporary art (projection of  “F for Fake” , by  Orson Wells)


07/01/2014: Photography and Politics (or,  ‘What do Marxism, nationalism and photography have in common?’)


08/01/2014 : Cinema and Politics, Part A (projection of   “Citizen Kane”, by Orson Wells)


09/01/2014 : Cinema and Politics, Part B  (projection of “Meet John Doe”, by Frank Capra )


10/01/2014 : Literature and Politics: Magic Realism in  Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘100 Years of Solitude»


Critical Mass 2013 Finalist

For second year in a row i have been selected as finalist of Photolucida Critical Mass competition!


Group Exhibition at Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto

I have been selected among the 35 photographers (of the almost 100 Magenta Flash Forward 2013 winners) whose work is going to be featured in group touring Magenta Flash Forward Emerging  Photographers Exhibition 2013.  The first venue where the works will be exhibited is Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto. Opening next Wednesday, October 10, 2013.


Magenta Flash Forward UK winner 2013!

Continuing with good news, i have been recently named one of the  Magenta Flash Forward UK winners for 2013!


LSE Annual Photography Award Winner

Good news lately: I have recently won the first prize of the LSE  Annual Fund Photography Competition, which this year was part of the LSE Research Festival. The topic was asking to convey one’s research in a visually compelling photograph.My winning image was taken during the pre-election campaign of the communist party in Athens, Greece, in May 2012, and it is related to my research interest in political party framing, and popular reception of the economic crisis in Greece since 2010.


Athens Photo Festival 2012

Eight of my images from the series on the  Economic Crisis in Athens will be presented in the Main Exhibition Program of the  Athens Photo Festival that starts the 19th of October(here). This year’s topic is the intersection between Art and Documentary.