Series of Lectures on ‘Politics and Art” in Athens, Greece

Here is the program of a series of lectures I am giving in the Student Union of the University of Athens (15 Ippokratous Street, 10679 Athens, Greece). All lectures start at 18:00 and will be given in Greek. In some of them the lecture will be preceded by the projection of a movie, which will provide the background for my talking. The general topic is “Politics and Art”.


19/12/2013:  ‘Authenticity’ as  judging criterion for modern and contemporary art (projection of  “F for Fake” , by  Orson Wells)


07/01/2014: Photography and Politics (or,  ‘What do Marxism, nationalism and photography have in common?’)


08/01/2014 : Cinema and Politics, Part A (projection of   “Citizen Kane”, by Orson Wells)


09/01/2014 : Cinema and Politics, Part B  (projection of “Meet John Doe”, by Frank Capra )


10/01/2014 : Literature and Politics: Magic Realism in  Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘100 Years of Solitude»